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Dan Russell &             Dan Russell Ltd.          "All Audio for Animation..."

         Originally from Boston Mass, USA Dan Russell is a highly skilled Voice Director / Voice Actor and Musician. While attending University in London, via Ithaca College in New York State, Dan was taken on as a song writer by Acuff Rose Music. This led to many happy years as a session guitarist / singer / writer, and voice over for countless TV, and radio ads, promo's and documentaries.

          In 1994 the voices took over with a roll in “Peter Rabbit & Friends”, and Dan was soon solely Voice Directing, Voicing, and Casting voices for animation.

          What sets Dan apart as a Voice Director is the fact that he has worked both sides of the mic at a very high level for over 20 years enabling him to work with voice actors at their level while being able to fly sessions to get the best for the client.

          In the over four thousand shows he has done, he has honed his ability in these areas as well as in the use and pacing of language on both sides of the Atlantic.

          With his own London based studio and wonderful connections with great people in the industry, the roll of producer is a natural extention of all of Dan's eperience which leads us to today with a clear eye on the future.






Working on both sides of the microphone since 1994 Dan is a highly experienced animation voice director.


Animated series, ads, docs, session vocals and promos have been Dan's passion for years. He recently received a best supporting actor nom for his work in the multi award winning ""The Amazing World Of Gumball" (Dad)


With his own studio in London and connections throughout the industry Dan (through DR Ltd) can now supply Casting, Music Composition, Versioning, Mixing of final M&E, Script Polishing, Booking, and of course Voice Direction for your series or feature film.

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