Animation Audio Production

"By default Dan has become a Producer!"  Mrs. Russell

Dan's experience has led seamlessly into producing audio for animation. The directing, the acting, the musical experience, studio experience, and connections to so many talented people, allow Dan to use his own experience and that of others to create solid professional audio for your production.

Casting & Versioning:

Dan enjoys casting despite recent requests to source children (hard) and actors with specific nationalities for financing purposes (hard too). 

He is very proud of  his association with some truly talented people and excited to contract them in his production work.


Dan Russell Ltd has good ties with a number of animation composers that can be offered in to the mix. Dan himself will do bespoke music cues as required. Another important aspect of his musical ability as related to production, is that when a song arises in a show he is capable of producing a vocal session. This is huge when a director says "how do we do this?"

The Studio:

As we all know technical advances in recording, as in so much else, has led to  seismic changes in how things get done. Dan's studio has grown slowly and is now still small but useful beyond words. The ease of use and opportunity it affords to experiment both with music and voice is as many of you know, hugely useful. Dan can test things out, work and re work and this is always brought to bear in audio production.


London, New York, L.A. are like countries unto themselves. There is very little that you can't do in the city Dan has called home for many years.The contacts with studios, artists, suppliers, both here and (in the modern world) de facto further afield all come in to play in audio production. DR Ltd has great ties with studios and agents "up town" built up over a number of years.