Dan Russell Voice Actor:

When you tell someone you do voices for cartoons the normal response from people is "Are you in The Simpsons?" or "do you know anyone famous?" These questions are the only downside of being a pro voice over...period.

Dan has had the good fortune to have lost count of the number of shows he has done...4k? There is very little about the people and the process in the voice over profession that doesn't hold something to recommend it. Yes there are good days and not so good and some people are hipper than others but generally it has been and continues to be a blast. Good voice overs forget about all they stuff they know how to do because they do it so well. Dan has had the good fortune to work with some wonderful people, and every time he walks into a studio he brings his own experience and wonder right along with him.

As much fun as you think it is.

"Serious and silly all at once!" DR

Being a casting guy as well as a voice guy has taught Dan the shere scale of the talent out there, and at the same time allowed him a good sense of what he (and others) can and can't do.

Dan plays 11 characters in Cartoon Networks "The Amazing World Of Gumball" and is currently acting and directing on a number of other series.

If you are interested in hearing any of Dan's v/o reels (Animation, TV ads, or Documentay) just ask! These are easliy sent out. Dan also loves to do bespoke reads for your project wherever possible.


Rare Smile