Dan Russell: Voice Director

"If you ain't havin fun something is wrong." DR.

A Voice Director has one main task and that is to "serve the script". If you think for a second about all the effort that goes into conceiving of a show, then writing, then re writing, then selling the idea, getting the finance, the music, the artwork etc etc etc the job of a Voice Director becomes a critical element in that production. The studio is a space where you have limited time to create a working whole...where you must "serve the script" at all cost.

Of course it is all completely subjective, but Dan tries to keep the needs of the show front and centre at all times. This goes to pace, energy, timing, and trying to asses what it will take to keep an actor contented and confident enough in front of a mic to want to enter wholeheartedly into the work at hand... to "serve the script". It isn't always easy, and listening to differing opinions while keeping an eye on the clock, and on how voices are going to mesh together at the end of the day is something that you never stop learning to do!

Voice Director:

Dan loves Voice Directing. Firmly a believer that "an actor is someone who if you ain't talking about them they ain't interested", Dan likes working with one actor at a time where possible. This affords the actor space to have fun with a character and to be "on" for an entire session. The whole purpose of a production is to serve the script, and to give the series Director all they need to make a great show.


Having cut his teeth voicing and singing in London for TV and radio it was a no brainer that Dan would be asked about sourcing voices for shows that he was involved in. Dan has a stock "crew" of truly talented actors and at the same time is constantly checking out and presenting new talent to his shows. Recently he has been asked to match actors nationalities with a productions finance requirements... something new! 

Script Polishing:

"Script Polishing" is a rather vague term meaning "make it better" in most cases. Dan sees this as part of the diciplin as far as a client wants him to take it. Being born and raised in the USA, Dan is able to bridge some of the potential linguistic impasses that can occur so easily. Be that double entendre mistakes, missed gags, timing questions... it all matters, and goes to serving the only master in production... the script.

Studio Production Knowledge:

Dan knows how studios and the tech side of audio production works. It is an important diciplin and not all voice directors get it. Discussions about compression, pitching, mic tecnique, eq, VFX...all the things that can generate a 20 minute discussion with a voice director asking an engineer "could you make it a bit like this" don't happen because Dan has a grounding in this area. This allows for technical and creative decisions to happen more naturally.